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Algebra 1 with integrated geometry

Grade Level: 8th-11th

Day/Time: Wednesday/10:40-12:00

Instructor: Tim Williams


Cost: $450/student/year 

Online Program Needed:

Built using the strengths of John Saxon’s proven teaching methods, this curriculum incorporates 21st century topics like computer math, technology applications, and current real-world problems. The curriculum prepares students for the SAT, ACT, and integrates a biblical and historical foundation that helps students understand the world God created and consider the “why” of learning math. Students will have access to video lectures with step-by-step instruction, interactive homework with links to similar example problems, and links to lectures to help them re-learn any forgotten concepts. Automated grading provides instant feedback. Work can be completed offline using the eText. All solutions are available through a video and PDF format.

Algebra concepts include simplifying algebraic expressions, solving equations (linear and quadratic) and linear systems. Geometry is integrated throughout the course, developing long-term retention and fluency of both Algebra and Geometry skills.  Geometry topics include proof, logic, Euclidian geometry, perimeter, area, and volume. Other topics include measurement and a gentle introduction to basic calculus.

Credits Earned: 1 Algebra and ½ Geometry

Prerequiste: Successful completion of any pre-algebra, Saxon 8/7, or Saxon Algebra 1/2


Grade Level: 7th-9th

Day/Time: Wednesday/ 9:00-10:30

Instructor: Tim Williams

Contact Info:

Cost: $450/student/year

Online Program Needed: 

Description: Built using the strengths of John Saxon’s proven teaching methods, this curriculum incorporates 21st century topics like computer math, technology applications, and current real-world problems. All topics in a one year Pre-algebra course (including Saxon 8/7) are taught.


The curriculum prepares students for the SAT, ACT, and integrates a biblical and historical foundation that helps students understand the world God created and consider the “why” of learning math. Students will have access to video lectures with step-by-step instruction, online homework with links to similar example problems, and links to lectures to help them re-learn any forgotten concepts. Automated grading provides instant feedback. Work can be completed offline using the eText. Homework solutions are available through a video and PDF format.


Prerequisite: Memorized multiplication tables to 9 and earned an 80+ on any of the following texts*:

  • Saxon 7/6, 3rd or 4th Edition

  • Saxon Course 1

  • Abeka 8th Grade Math

  • Bob Jones 7th Grade Math

  • Singapore 6A & 6B

  • MathUSee Zeta

  • Horizons Grade 6 Math

  • Christian Light 7th Grade Math

  • Any publisher's math course that comes before pre-algebra in that curricula's recommended sequence. 

*If your student earned less than an 80, see the information at the bottom of this article:

Art History

Grade Level: 7th-12th

Day/Time: Wednesday/12:30-2:00 

Instructor: Julie Babb

Contact Info:

Cost: $225/student/semester + $25 supply fee



This course will introduce students to art and artists from Ancient to Early Modern times. Students will become familiar with artists, artistic styles, movements, techniques, and the elements of art. In order to make this elective course available to junior and senior students who often carry a full load of required courses, there will be no homework or exams. This class time is an opportunity for students to rest, relax, discuss, and soak in information and beauty that will enrich their lives. For those who prefer using their hands and being creative while learning, a variety of quality art supplies will be provided to enjoy during class. Students may sign up for a single semester or the full year. Fall semester's focus will be Ancient to Medieval art; Spring semester’s focus will be Renaissance to Early Modern art (late 19th century).  In this course, the history of art and artists will be understood as part of man’s story with God.  Parents can be assured that the art viewed and studied will be carefully chosen with appropriate themes and modesty. This course will be a great compliment to the history and literature courses being offered at CHC.

Ballroom Dancing, Level 1

Grade Level: 8th-12th

Day/Time: Tuesday/ 10:40-11:55

Instructor: Kati Naef

Contact Info:

Cost: $245/student/semester


Students will be introduced to a variety of social dances including shag, waltz, 2-step and rumba. This class will include formal etiquette. There will be opportunities to participate in community dances as well as an end of the year formal dinner and dance in May. Ballroom dance teaches students the art of collaboration through learning to lead well and follow well. Students will gain confidence through the discipline, focus and initiative needed to perform these dances as well as have some good wholesome fun in the process!






Grade Level: 6th/7th

Day/Time: Tuesday/10:40-12:00

Instructor: Shelley King

Contact Info:

Cost: Coming soon

Books Needed: Coming soon

Description: Coming soon






General Science

Grade Level: 7th – 9th

Day/Time: Tuesday/12:30-2:00

Instructor: Kati Naef

Contact Info:

Cost: $575/student/year + one time $50 Lab fee 

Books Needed:

Apologia’s Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd edition with Student Notebook


This year-long, laboratory-based, upper-middle school science course covers a wide range of topics including an understanding of atoms, molecules, the chemicals that are necessary for life, DNA, and cells. These topics are all discussed in the context of history, explaining how specific scientific advances led to the scientific explanations that the students are being taught. This allows students to learn not only the current scientific understanding of these topics but also how scientists reached that understanding. The course then discusses the levels of organization found in creation and spends time discussing topics at each level. Throughout the course, God's design in nature is highlighted, and topics in the creation/evolution debate are discussed.


This course also focuses largely on the scientific process, concluding with a Science Fair component Spring semester. Each student will be actively engaged in the scientific process:  asking a question, developing a hypothesis, then designing an experiment to test and measure their results and report their data before judges.

Each of the fourteen modules will take approximately two and a half weeks to complete. Students will be given assignments from the textbook to be completed before coming to class. Classroom time will primarily be spent in discussion of the material and laboratory experimentation. Students will be evaluated by performance on module tests as well as laboratory reports and notebook completion. Students will be tested at home and will need an individual email to log into the online classroom for testing and assignment submissions. Daily work requirement will be 30-45 minutes per day at home. 

Health & Nutrition

Grade Level: 6th-8th

Day/Time: Thursday/10:40-12:00

                   *Fall semester only

Instructor: Jennifer Bass

Contact Info:

Cost: $250/student -this is a one semester course

Books needed:

Total Health: Talking About Life's Changes: A Health Textbook for Middle School, Susan Boe

Total Health: Talking About Life's Changes, Student Workbook by Susan Boe


We live in a society where our children are given so many different messages on a daily bases; what they should eat, what to wear and not to wear, what to think, say, do, and feel. It can be confusing and overwhelming to young teens as they mentally try to navigate all of these messages.

In this semester-long course, students will learn about health and nutrition from a spiritual, physical, social, and mental viewpoint. What does God say about our bodies and how does He want us to take care of the one body He has given to us? What foods hinder us and what foods keep us healthy? What causes disease? What do biblical friendships and relationships really look like? Through hands-on projects, group interactions, and discussions, we will find answers to these questions. These topics are invaluable to our young teens because the choices they make now both physically and mentally can impact them for years to come.



Grade Level: 6th-12th


Day/Time: Tuesday/9:00-10:30


Instructor: Lauren Merceruio


Contact Info:


Cost: $275/student/semester (includes $20 octavo fee/choral sheet music)


Books Needed: Composition notebook, pencil



This course will foster a love for making beautiful music through choral collaboration and equip students with the tools needed to be fine young musicians. Together, students will develop their ability to sightread, sing in harmony, and make a unified choral sound. They will become thoughtful, critical listeners of choral music and learn to work together towards a common goal of creating a joyful noise. By studying both secular and sacred choral music, students will better understand the influence of music on society throughout history. Each semester will end with a choral performance of at least four pieces of music with a live audience (date, time, and location TBD.)

Literature and Writing

Grade Level: Advanced 6th, 7th-8th

Day/Time: Wednesday/ 9:00-10:30am OR 12:30-2:00pm (be sure to include preference in application)


Instructor: Jeremy Ackerman

Contact Info:

Cost: $300/student/semester (includes grading, report cards, quarterly prizes, and teacher-designed curriculum)

Books Needed:

*No textbooks to buy

Animal Farm by George Orwell

The Tempest by William Shakespeare                

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson       

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett               

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens                       

Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle              


This Year’s Theme: Teatime with the Brits!

Fancy an unforgettable tour? Well, mind the gap, because this year’s booklist will vicariously transport us across the pond to the enchantingly mysterious heaths and hamlets that inspired so many writers. Pour a cuppa, take a seat, and prepare for a smashing ride through some of the greatest British classics ever written. From political pigs to pugnacious pirates to pitiless penny-pinchers and from impoverished orphanages to magical islands to foggy heaths inhabited by haunted hounds, I guarantee you will have a jolly good time.

Now, for the details! This is a full year English course comprised of literature, writing, and grammar. Academically, students can expect paced reading assignments, weekly vocabulary, literature-related essays, annotation, vocabulary tests, final book comprehension tests, and occasional public speaking. By the end of this course, students will have been exposed to the following: 6-8 classic works, 150 memorized vocabulary words, annotation skills, descriptive writing, narrative writing, persuasive writing, expository writing, informative writing, compare/contrast writing, poetry, organizational skills, and important grammar and editing concepts. I have designed all aspects of this curriculum with inspiration from IEW’s theme-based writing, IEW’s Fix-It, Analytical Grammar, and eight years of discovering what works for the average middle schooler and what doesn’t. The structure of this class is laid back, yet still rigorous enough to be a challenge for advanced rising sixth graders and seventh and eighth graders with the goal of preparing them for high school English.

Note: This year, I will be recording grades and offering report cards. Because I know how many of you have busy schedules, it can be hard to keep track of whether your student is doing everything they’re assigned.

What can you expect in my classroom? I can’t stand boring lectures, so the first thing you can expect is fun. That’s not to say all students will be smiling ear to ear like they’ve just dismounted the newest amazing roller coaster. I’m not a miracle worker! However, with each class I strive to incorporate friendly, competitive review games, artistic expression, creative writing prompts, and the occasional dad joke because, hey… that’s how eye roll.

modern band 

Grade Level: 7th-12th

Day/Time: Tuesday/10:40-12:00 Level 1

                    Tuesday/12:30-2:00 Level 2

Instructor: Kristi Lee

Contact Info:

Cost: $250/student/semester

          *this class may be taken for one semester or year-long

Book:  One-time fee of $25 for class handouts

*students must play an instrument to participate in this class. They can be at a beginner level, but they should know at least the basics of one instrument. 



This class is a combination of music theory and collaborative playing. Students will be introduced to the ins and outs of chord charts and lead sheets, as well as an introduction of the Nashville Number System. We will explore the building blocks of rhythm, melody, and harmony through the hands-on study of instrumentation, scales, chords and meter.

Students will also be introduced to the basics of improvising and arranging through the playing of popular tunes and worship songs. Each week we will focus on a theory concept and an applicable creative skill , and we will then practice the new skills in an ensemble setting, culminating in a performance of two songs at the end of each semester.

Any instrument is welcome to join us for this fun experience!

While there will be some overlap of theory instruction from semester to semester, each semester will focus on different songs and creative techniques. 


Grade Level: 7th-9th 


Day/Time: Thursday/9:00-10:30

                   *Fall semester only


Instructor: Ali Willson


Contact Info:


Cost: $250/student/semester


Books Needed: The Fallacy Detective, by Nathaniel Bluedorn and Hans Bluedorn

                           The Thinking Toolbox, by Nathaniel Bluedorn and Hans Bluedorn


Fallacies, or errors in logic, seem to be all around us now more than ever. In this class students will study the common fallacies using The Fallacy Detective. Through role play and engaging exercises,  they will understand how to spot bad reasoning as well as learn about propaganda techniques used by advertisers and politicians. By the end of the semester, students  will also have a better understanding of how to avoid fallacies in their own reasoning.

Along with The Fallacy Detective, we will  be using the accompanying book, The Thinking Toolbox, to sharpen critical thinking skills. Both of these books have a biblical worldview and will surely prepare students for future logic and/or debate classes as well as initiate many lively and thought provoking discussions.

Music Appreciation

Grade Level: 7th-12th

Day/Time: Thursday/9:00-10:30

Instructor: Kristi Lee

Contact Info:

Cost: $260/student/semester

          *this class may be taken for one semester or year-long

Book: coming soon


Music, through the ages, has conveyed some of humankind’s most profound personal and cultural expression. Through the study of basic music theory, discussion about its changes and development from the beginning of time to the present day, and a whole lot of listening to every genre from medieval chant to current jazz, students will come to understand the syntax of music's language and key aspects of its history that will enable them to appreciate and enjoy good music. 

Fall Semester will cover basic music theory concepts and will focus on musical styles, forms and composers from 450 to 1750 ( Middle Ages through Baroque) and the development of American music (including Bluegrass, Country and Jazz)with a look into nonwestern/world music.

Spring Semester will focus on 1750 to the present (Classical to the 20th century and beyond including American film and Broadway)

Persuasive Writing

Grade Level: Advanced 6th Graders to 8th Graders

Day/Time: Thursday/10:40-12:00

Instructor: Sally Evans


Core Curriculum: The Lost Tools of Writing Level One – Teacher Guide
The Lost Tools of Writing Level One – Student Workbook


Cost: $500/per student /per year


This course introduces the students to essential writing tools and lays out a sequence of exercises that guide them step by step to be able to produce a well organized, effective, and eloquent persuasive essay. This course is integrated with works of quality literature that allow the students the opportunity to acquire material for argumentation. At the end of the course students will master helpful methods by which to overcome the basic challenges of writing, namely, Invention (coming up with ideas), Arrangement (ordering those ideas), and Elocution or Style (expressing those ideas appropriately and beautifully). In summary, your student will learn how to discover material, how to arrange it, and finally how to communicate it appropriately end effectively. This course can be the precursor or go in tandem with speech and debate. The integrated literature is mostly wholesome historical fiction rich in story plots of characters coming of age, growing and maturing through challenges in life. These choices present an ideal source of material for the essays:
1. The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder ISBN 0-06-026460-8 (summer read)
2. The Sign of The Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare ISBN 978-0-395-33890-2
3. Number The Stars by Lois Lowry ISBN 978-0-547-57709-8
4. I am David by Ann Holm ISBN 978-0-15-206084-8
5. Crispin The Cross of Lead by Avi ISBN 0-7868-0828-4
6. Tirza by Lucille Travis ISBN 978-0-8361-3546-6
7. Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls ISBN 978-0-440-41267-0
8. Amos Fortune by Elizabeth Yates ISBN 0-14034158-7
9. The Door in The Wall by Marguerite de Angeli ISBN 0-440-40283-2
10. The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare ISBN 978-0-395-13719-2
11. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle ISBN 978-0-312-36754-1

Physical Science

Grade Level: 8th – 10th

Day/Time: Tuesday/8:45-10:30

Instructor: Kati Naef

Contact Info:

Cost: $575/student/year +  a $50 lab fee

Books Needed:

Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd edition with Student Notebook



This year-long creation-based course is designed to be the last science course the student takes before high school biology. It is generally recommended as an 8th-grade course, but students can use it for their 9th-grade coursework. The material and course work is rigorous in preparation for highschool science.

The text covers atomic structure, periodic table, chemical bonds, reactions and energy, motion, forces, energy, waves and sound, light, electricity and magnetism, and Earth’s structure, weathering, and atmosphere. Each of the 15 modules will take approximately 2 weeks to complete.

Class time will be spent primarily in laboratory experimentation, but also will include discussion and explanation.

Students will be tested at home and will need an individual email to log into the online classroom for testing and assignment submissions.  Students should expect to spend 30-45 minutes per day on this subject at home.


Grade Level: 6th-8th

Day/Time: Thursday 9:00-10:30

Instructor: Sally Evans


For Grades: Advanced 6th Graders to 8th Graders

Core Curriculum: Spanish for Children - Primer A by Julia Kraut, Sarah Foose and Grant Durrell - ISBN : 978-1-60051-047-2
Spanish for Children - Primer A Answer Key by Julia Kraut, Sarah Foose and Grant Durrell
ISBN : 978-1-60051-048-9


Cost: $500/per student/per year plus $10 supply fee

Description: This course is an excellent introduction to Spanish as a second language. It is a perfect way by which to ease into the upcoming High School Spanish. It can also be the beginning of a strong foundation in learning foreign languages in general.
Like in any other foreign language course, there is a strong vocabulary memorization component. Most importantly, the curriculum gets deep into the universal mechanics of grammar, and for that reason, it can also be a wonderful complement to whatever English Grammar program you are using at home. By emphasizing grammatical patterns in the language, a deeper understanding of its usage is brought about so students end up developing greater confidence in speaking Spanish conversationally. As a prerequisite, students must have a basic understanding of the parts of speech in English. Realistically, this course is 80% grammar and vocabulary, 15% conversation, and 5% culture. To maximize the effectiveness of this program a parent must commit to learn alongside in order to be able to correct and reinforce the material at home.




                                  SPEECH AND DEBATE

Grade Level: 6th through 12th (must be 12 by October 2024)

Day/Time: Thursday/10:40-12:00


Instructor: Laura Hao


Contact Information:


Cost: $400/year. Also plan on about $20 dollars for printing and materials, a $95 STOA membership per family to participate in a tournament and tournament fees which vary by location ($100-$200 dollars). 


Materials Needed: Please purchase 2 yellow legal pads, a three ring binder, and a small expanding file folder.



Whether your child is a reluctant public speaker or a passionate communicator, this is the class for them. Partnering with STOA, a Christian Speech and Debate league for Christian homeschooling families, I will be aligning this class with STOA’s main objective: To develop world-class communicators who speak boldly and change the world for Christ. My heart is to see young people develop confidence to effectively communicate in whatever endeavor God calls them to. I also hope to have lots of fun in the process. I encourage every student to participate in at least one nearby STOA tournament in the school year. My very reluctant son fell in love with debate through his first tournament. 


Throughout the year we will be alternating learning and practice between speech and debate. STOA offers a wide variety of speech events from dramatic monologues, informative presentations, persuasive arguments, apologetic reasonings, and much more. I will be encouraging students to try multiple kinds of public speaking from self written, impromptu, and literature-based speeches. The other component of the class will focus on learning about government policy through debate. Each year STOA picks a topic that will guide debate through the year. This year’s topic was energy policy, but this summer STOA will announce a new topic. We will learn about the topic as a class and practice articulating, flowing, and refuting arguments related to government policy surrounding the issue. Pre-crafted arguments are available to make this very doable for students. By the end of the year every student will have a better grasp on a wide variety of public speaking and even understand a new field of government policy. More importantly I hope that students discover an increased confidence in Christ as they challenge themselves to grow as communicators.





                                                          STUDIO ART 3

Grade Level: 7th-12th

Day/Time: Wednesday/10:40-12:00

Instructor: Christine Cheesman

Contact Info:

Cost: Coming Soon

Materials Needed: Coming Soon

Description: Coming Soon







Grade Level: 6th-8th

Day/Time: Wednesday/10:40-12:00

Instructor: Elizabeth Burk

Contact Info:

Cost: Coming Soon

Books Needed: Coming Soon

Description: Coming Soon







Grade Level: 5th/6th

Day/Time: Thursday, 9:00-10:30

Instructor: Hayley Hamilton

Contact Info:

Cost: $400/student/year plus a one time $30 supply fee


Books Needed: Exploring Creation with Earth Science, Apologia

Description: Coming Soon

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