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Payment Guidelines

NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS: After your application has been processed, and you have received an acceptance notification from the teacher, a $50 non-refundable deposit is due per class. Each individual teacher will contact you regarding this deposit once the class has reached its minimum number of students. This deposit money will ensure the student a place in the class or classes you have chosen and will be credited towards the total cost of each class.

Please note that this $50 deposit is non-refundable if you withdraw from a class at any time after your deposit has been received. 

TUITION:  You will have the first two weeks of classes when we begin in August to make final tuition payments. 

These 2 weeks are also considered Drop/Add time for you to decide if a class is not a good fit for your child. After this Drop/Add time, refunds will not be given if you decide later to drop a class.  

If you withdraw your student after this time period of the first two weeks, no fees will be refunded including tuition, administration or Study Hall fees. 

Spring semester is likewise. Drop/Add time period will extend through the first two weeks when we return in January. After this time period, no fees will be refunded, including tuition, administration fees and Study Hall fees.

Please note, if no tuition payment has been received after the first month of our program and no effort has been made by you to communicate with the teacher about this, the teacher may decide to dismiss your child from the program. 

ADMINISTRATION FEES:  a one-time payment of $35 per student per class is also due in August when we begin our school year. 

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