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Algebra 1 with integrated geometry
Code: MA401

Grade Level: 8th-11th

Day/Time:  Monday/9:00-10:30

Instructor: Tim Williams


Cost: $500/student/year 

Online Program Needed:

Built using the strengths of John Saxon’s proven teaching methods, this curriculum incorporates 21st century topics like computer math, technology applications, and current real-world problems. The curriculum prepares students for the SAT, ACT, and integrates a biblical and historical foundation that helps students understand the world God created and consider the “why” of learning math. Students will have access to video lectures with step-by-step instruction, interactive homework with links to similar example problems, and links to lectures to help them re-learn any forgotten concepts. Automated grading provides instant feedback. Work can be completed offline using the eText. All solutions are available through a video and PDF format.

Algebra concepts include simplifying algebraic expressions, solving equations (linear and quadratic) and linear systems. Geometry is integrated throughout the course, developing long-term retention and fluency of both Algebra and Geometry skills.  Geometry topics include proof, logic, Euclidian geometry, perimeter, area, and volume. Other topics include measurement and a gentle introduction to basic calculus.

Credits Earned: 1 Algebra and ½ Geometry

Prerequiste: Successful completion of any pre-algebra, Saxon 8/7, or Saxon Algebra 1/2

  • Not sure if your student is ready? Check out this optional Placement Test.








Algebra 2


Grade Level:10th -12th

Day/Time: Tuesday/10:40-12:00


Instructor: Jack Townsend

Contact Info:

*Please reach out to Jack for further details concerning curriculum

Grade Level: 9th-12th

Day/Time: Thursday, 12:30-2:30

Instructors: Bryan Palumbo and Lorie Allen

Contact Info: Sonja

Cost: $500/student/year

Book: Barron’s American Sign Language: A Comprehensive Guide to ASL 1 and 2


This class is designed for the beginning signer and will teach the alphabet, vocabulary, conversational phrases in ASL as well as signs for Christian terminology. Students will progressively learn expressive and receptive sign language and develop basic conversational ability. In addition, the class will study Deaf culture and foster an understanding of the victories and challenges facing the Deaf community.
The course is dual focused. It is designed to teach ASL properly while studying the Bible at the same time. Students study the structure of the language one week and Bible stories on alternating weeks.
Lessons are led by a Deaf instructor and assisted by an interpreter. In ASL 1, the
students will study nine Bible stories in ASL and learn Biblical signs for the major holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Resurrection Day.


American sign language 1
code: 501

American Sign Language 2

Prerequisite: ASL 1 or demonstrated proficiency

Grade Level: 10th-12th

Day/Time: Tuesday/12:30-2:30

Instructors: Bryan Palumbo and Sonja Bailes

Contact Info: Sonja Bailes:

Cost: $500/student/year

Book: Barron’s American Sign Language: A Comprehensive Guide to ASL 1 and 2


ASL 2 will build on the foundation established in ASL 1. Students will add vocabulary and Christian terminology while learning more sophisticated grammar applications including the proper use of time, space, and classifiers. They will continue to develop receptive and conversational language skills. The class format remains similar to ASL 1 with alternating weeks focusing on ASL grammar and Bible study.
As the students progress in ability, the class will gradually become less English and more ASL, using an interpreter only as needed. This year the students study various Bible stories in ASL from both the Old and New Testaments including stories from Genesis to the Gospel story.


code: Apo501

Grade Level: 9th-12th

Day/Time: Tuesday/ 12:30-2:30

Instructor: Joe Easterling

Contact Info:, 919-306-8012

Cost: $500/student/year

Book: Understanding the Culture: A Survey of Social Challenges, by Jeff Myers

           Understanding the Culture: Student Manual, by Jeff Myers


Thus far CHC has offered two classes on apologetics using the curriculum from Summit Ministries called Understanding the Faith and Understanding the Times.  The next course in the series is called Understanding the Culture.  

Understanding the Culture will address some of the hot topics in our culture today including gender identity, abortion, entertainment, technology, marriage, poverty, and more.  The author, Jeff Myers, challenges readers to ask: How can an authentic Christian worldview provide a compassionate, effective witness in our culture today? Dr. Myers first shows readers what they can learn from Christian history and why today's issues might not be as new as they seem. Then he takes them through the significant topics that affect them every day, offering biblical ideas for conversing with others in an increasingly hostile culture. This third book in the Summit Ministries' trilogy equips readers to apply a bold Christian witness to their relationships with friends, loved ones, neighbors, and colleagues.


Students must purchase a textbook and student manual which includes homework questions and additional text.  Students will be required to read the chapter, answer the questions, and watch a video from Summit Ministries with each chapter.  Class time will be interactive and engaging!

*Summit Ministries also offers student conferences during the summer.

2024 conferences take place in Manitou Springs, Colorado and at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia.

See their website for details!

Art History
code: ART402

Grade Level: 7th-12th

Day/Time: Tuesday/12:30-2:00 


Instructor: Julie Babb

Contact Info:

Cost: $225/student/semester + $25 supply fee



This course will introduce students to art and artists from Ancient to Early Modern times.  Students will become familiar with artists, artistic styles, movements, techniques, and the elements of art. In order to make this elective course available to junior and senior students who often carry a full load of required courses, there will be no homework or exams. This class time is an opportunity for students to rest, relax, discuss, and soak in information and beauty that will enrich their lives. For those who prefer using their hands and being creative while learning, a variety of quality art supplies will be provided to enjoy during class. Students may sign up for a single semester or the full year. Fall semester's focus will be Ancient to Medieval art; Spring semester’s focus will be Renaissance to Early Modern art (late 19th century). In this course, the history of art and artists will be understood as part of man’s story with God. Parents can be assured that the art viewed and studied will be carefully chosen with appropriate themes and modesty. 


Grade Level: 7th-12th

Day/Time: Tuesday/10:40-12:00



Instructor: Christine Cheesman


Contact Info:

Cost: $450/student

Materials Needed: Teacher will provide a supply list



This exciting new class will be for middle and high school students who are either new to the visual arts or experienced. We will focus on the creation of visual art through painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and design. Students will explore a wide range of 2-D and 3-D media, skills and techniques while focusing on gaining confidence in visual creativity and expression. Students will be required to bring their own art supplies to class, so they will be able to work at home as well. There will be not additional material fee for this reason.



Ballroom Dancing, Level 1

Grade Level: 8th-12th

Day/Time: Thursday/10:40-11:55

Instructor: Kati Naef

Contact Info:

Cost: $250/student/semester plus $75 fee for the formal due by December 1

Materials Needed: Dance shoes-expect to pay $30-100 depending on brand and style. Information on how to choose a shoe will be available upon registration.


Ballroom dance teaches students the art of collaboration and teamwork through learning to lead well and follow well. Students will gain confidence through the discipline, focus and initiative needed to perform these dances as well as have some good wholesome fun in the process!

Students will be introduced to a variety of social dances, social dance etiquette, as well as formal event etiquette. There will be several opportunities to participate in community dances as well as CHC hosted dance events including eligibility to attend the end-of-year formal dinner and ball in May. ​

Students must complete Ballroom 1F (Fall) AND Ballroom 1S (Spring) to move on to Ballroom 2.

Ballroom 1F (Fall) introduces: American Slow Waltz, Rumba, East Coast Swing, and Nightclub 2-step.

Ballroom 1S (Spring) will review Ballroom 1F dances and introduce: Carolina Shag, Single-time Swing, Foxtrot and Cha-Cha.

Ballroom Dancing, Level 2/3
code: dan502

Grade Level: 9th-12th

Day/Time: Thursday/9:15-10:30

Instructor: Kati Naef

Contact Info:

Cost: $250/student/semester plus a $75 fee for the formal due by December 1

          *Though this class is recommended as a year-long elective as each semester builds on the last, it can be taken for one semester.    

Prerequisite: Ballroom 1 Fall (BR1F) AND Ballroom 1 Spring (BR1S)

Description: Students will build on the basic dance figures learned in Level 1 while adding new dances to their repertoire. This class will include a review of dance and formal etiquette as well as continued opportunities to participate in community and CHC dances including eligibility to attend the end-of-year formal dinner and ball in May.


Grade Level:  9th-12th

Day/Time: Tuesday/10:40-12:10

Instructor: Kati Naef

Contact Info:

Cost: $725/year

Books Needed: Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology, 3rd edition (Dincher) and Coordinating Student Notebook

Other required materials: 3-ring binder with 5 dividers, colored pencils



This year-long creation-based course is designed to be a high school student’s first science course. As a college-prep course, it will set the stage for success in students’ years in high school, prepare them for college level courses, and give them an understanding of the basic biological world that surrounds them each day of their lives, so that they can appreciate the real-world relevance of scientific inquiry.

Providing a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology, there is a heavy emphasis on the vocabulary of biology so that students are properly prepared to have scientific discussions, and a strong focus on the scientific method so that students are trained for laboratory sciences in other high school science courses, as well as university studies. Lab work will cover experimentation, field studies, microscopy, and dissection. This course also introduces classification, biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, ecosystems, and much more.

Each of the sixteen modules will take approximately two weeks to complete. Students will be given out-of-class assignments from the textbook to be completed before coming to class. Classroom time will be primarily spent in laboratory experimentation and discussion of the material.

Students will need a personal gmail account for the Google classroom assignments, submissions and access to materials. Testing will be done at home. Students should expect to spend from 45 minutes to an hour a day for this course work.

Career Ready 

 code: cr501

Day/Time: Thursday/10:40-12:00 *Spring semester only

Instructor: Jenn Bass

Contact Info:

Cost: $265/student 

Books Needed: None, curriculum provided

Description: Career readiness is often a subject most teens are not educated in before they begin to navigate their future career path. Upon leaving high school they should be armed with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to be successful in their future endeavors.

In this 12-week career readiness course your student will learn the necessary skills and steps needed to successfully navigate the years ahead. Through this course they will identify their unique gifts, strengths, interests, and values. They will be introduced to and research different professions they are considering including job requirements and salary. We will also look into college certifications, apprenticeships, and licensure programs.  We will conduct mock interviews in order to learn how to stand out in an interview and perfect writing and communication skills. We will also cover the importance of goal setting and time management.

Whether your teen is college bound, ready to go straight into the work force, or looking to spread their entrepreneurial wings, this course will equip them with the knowledge to make their future career path one they can enter with confidence.


Code: SCI 502

Recommended Grade Level: 10th-12th

Prerequisites:  Algebra proficiency

Day/Time: Monday/12:30-2:30

Instructor: Kati Naef

Contact Info:

Cost: $675/student/year (includes lab fee)

Books Needed:

Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 3rd Edition (Apologia, Kristy Plourde)

Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 3rd Edition Student Notebook


This course provides students with a strong foundation in chemistry with the goal of preparing them for college-level studies. While user-friendly in its design, it fosters in-depth discussions and provides clear and thorough explanations of concepts. It also explores the lives and works of Christian scientists who made a difference in the chemistry field while giving glory to God. It is recommended for students who take this course to be proficient in algebra.

The CHC course for the 2024-25 school year will be formatted as instruction that allows students the benefit of discovery and finding answers with a coach.  Lectures will be limited.  Class time will mainly be answering student questions from modules and performing hands-on experiments with explanations of those concepts.  Students will be graded on class participation, lab reports, module tests, quarter and final exams.

Students can expect to spend roughly an hour a day on this subject at home.  Each student will need an individual google account to log in to Google Classroom for assignments and submission of work as well as online testing.


Grade Level: 6th - 12th


Day/Time: Monday/12:30-2:00 


Instructor: Kristi Lee


Contact Info:

Cost: $250/student/semester

Needed: No textbook needed, $25/semester fee for music 


The CHC choir class provides a fun opportunity for students to enhance their musical, creative, and expressive skills in an ensemble environment. Students will learn the basics of singing and reading music, learn how to visually and aurally analyze the structure of musical compositions, develop song repertoire, broaden listening skills, interpret music expressively, and create arrangements as a musical ensemble. 

Government and Economics
code: gov501

Grade Level: 10th-12th *prerequisite: must have taken a HS History class, preferably US History

Day/Time: Tuesday/9:00-10:30

Instructor: Elizabeth Burk

Contact Info: , 901-262-9064 (not 910) 

Cost: $600

Books Needed: 

American Government Student Edition, 4th ed.,  BJU Press


Economics Student Text, 3rd ed. , BJU Press



Students will look at government structure and responsibilities from a Biblical perspective, focusing on the U.S. but noting other types and countries for evaluation. How was our government formed? What are the crucial founding documents? What is the structure? How do political parties and politics factor into the working process of our government? The goal of this is to encourage students to think critically about the history, structure and responsibilities of government and the impact that has on decisions being made on every governmental level as they grow to become informed, participatory citizens of our country. There will be numerous opportunities for research and examination on a variety of government related topics throughout the year in addition to text reading and class discussions.

The Economics portion of the class will survey a wide range of economic aspects from individual to corporate and government with a strong emphasis on Biblical stewardship. Each text chapter also includes a section on personal finance principles. Students will also be researching, modeling, charting, and considering a variety of topics from personal budgeting to entrepreneurial planning, investing, debt, national economic systems and the stock market, to name a few. Students with knowledge in these areas are empowered to make informed economic choices with a Biblical stewardship foundation as they progress into adulthood. 

This is a Senior level course. All work will be assigned and graded through Google classroom.

Health & Nutrition
Code: HN501

Grade Level: 9th-12th

Day/Time: Thursday/10:40-12:00  *Fall semester only

Instructor: Jenn Bass

Contact Info:

Cost: $275/student/semester

Book Needed: Total Health: Choices for a Winning Lifestyle, A Health Textbook for High School, by Susan Boe



As a high school student there are so many questions and uncertainties. Physically and emotionally your student is changing. Social interactions become more impactful, emotions intensify, and decisions become more important. How can your student navigate all these aspects of being a teenager in a practical and Christ honoring way? 

In this semester long class your high school student will learn to navigate and implement health and nutrition in a biblical manner. Through hands on projects and classroom discussions, they will learn multiple aspects of health and nutrition. We will delve into physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual health equipping each student with the knowledge and wisdom that God has intended for their growth and development as they approach adulthood. This semester long class will provide your student with one HS credit.

Literature & Writing
code: la501

Grade Level: 9th-12th

Day/Time: Monday/10:40-12:00 *this time slot is full

                   Monday/ 2:10-3:30

Instructor: Jeremy Ackerman

Contact Info:

Cost for Honors track: $375/student/semester. Honors includes grading of added assignments, transcript, quarterly prizes, teacher-designed curriculum, and priority placement in class.

Cost for Basic track: $325/student/semester. Basic includes grading, transcript, quarterly prizes, teacher-designed curriculum, and a lighter workload than Honors.

Books Needed:

*No textbooks to buy.

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

Description: This Year’s Theme: Teatime with the Brits!

Fancy an unforgettable tour? Well, mind the gap, because this year’s booklist will vicariously transport us across the pond to the enchantingly mysterious heaths and hamlets that inspired so many writers. Pour a cuppa, take a seat, and prepare for a delightful chinwag with the likes of the amusingly witty Elizabeth and her family at Longbourn; the bitter old Miss Havisham at Satis House; the persevering Jane Eyre at Thornfield Hall; or, if you are not easily gobsmacked and feeling cheeky, take your tea in the notorious laboratory of young Victor Frankenstein. Wherever we find ourselves, I guarantee you will have a smashingly jolly good time.

Now, for the details! This is a full year English course (with an Honors option*) comprised of literature, writing, and all that goes along with that. Academically, students can expect paced reading assignments, weekly vocabulary, literature-related essays, annotation, vocabulary tests, final book comprehension tests, and occasional public speaking. By the end of this course, students will have been exposed to the following:

6-8 classic works, 150 memorized vocabulary words, annotation skills, descriptive writing, narrative writing, persuasive writing, expository writing, informative writing, compare/contrast writing, poetry, organizational skills, and important grammar and editing concepts. I have designed all aspects of this curriculum with inspiration from IEW’s theme-based writing, IEW’s Advanced Communication Skills, and six years of discovering what works for high schoolers and what doesn’t. College and adulthood are just around the corner for these students, so they should expect a rigorous workload. Because I understand that not all students are collegebound, I’ve created two tracks in this class: Basic and Honors. Basic will be a little less work than what students have experienced in the past. Honors will be a little more.

What can you expect in my classroom? I can’t stand boring lectures, so the first thing you can expect is fun. That’s not to say all students will be smiling ear to ear like they’ve just dismounted the newest amazing roller coaster. I’m not a miracle worker! However, with each class I strive to incorporate friendly, competitive review games, artistic expression, creative writing prompts, and the occasional dad joke because, hey, that’s… how eye roll.

*The Honors option will be detailed in the curriculum binder, but in short, it will consist of extra quizzes, literary analyses of each book, heavier writing requirements, and firmer deadlines.

code: log401

Grade Level: 8th-10th


Day/Time: Monday/10:40-12:00


Instructor: Ali Willson


Contact Info:


Cost: $500/year


Books Needed: 

Books: Introduction to Logic by Jason Lisle

            A Case for Christ: Student Edition by Lee Strobel


To think logically is to think like God. This class, where apologetics meets logic, will underscore the importance of a Christian worldview and how logic ultimately comes from God. Students will be introduced to the elements that make up a logical argument. Through weekly vocabulary memorization and numerous examples, students will learn how to spot common fallacies, or errors in logic, and will be exposed to actual arguments they may encounter online, in the media or when defending their faith.

In addition, during the last eight weeks of class, students will put their logic and critical thinking skills into action when we tackle A Case for Christ: Student Edition which offers convincing evidence that the Christian faith is not based on legend, but historical fact.

                                      MOCK TRIAL team

Grade Level: 9th-12th

Day/Time: Monday/6:30pm-8:00

Instructor: Michael Chaney

Contact: Tammy Beckett,

Cost: $250

*This course begins in August and ends in February with a Mock Trial.

*Student must be available for the competition on 2/8/2025.

This course provides students with an immersive experience in the theory and practice of
mock trial, focusing on developing essential skills in legal reasoning, case analysis,
argumentation, and public speaking. Through a combination of lectures, workshops, and
simulations, students will learn about the judicial system, rules of evidence, trial procedure,
and advocacy techniques.


The course creates a mock trial team and culminates in a series
of competitions where students will apply their knowledge and skills in a simulated
courtroom setting. The team will register with the NC Mock Trial Program. Please visit
their website for detailed information (

In the first semester the students receive a legal case that they will begin to analyze. The
team’s coaches will divide the students into various roles: attorneys and witnesses. There
is room for the analytical thinkers as well as the dramatic! Based upon their assigned roles,
students will prepare opening and closing statements, witness examinations and cross
examinations, and witness responses.

In the second semester the students will scrimmage other mock trial teams in the area in
order to prepare for the regional competition held in a courthouse in early February. If the
team wins their region, they will advance to the state competition held in Raleigh in mid-
March. The competitions include judges and juries who score the teams and provide
constructive feedback and individual and team awards.
Teams include an attorney coach, a parent coach, and 8 – 9 students.

Courtroom artist: The NC Mock Trial Program recently added another role for the team –
a courtroom artist. The artist is not required to attend the team meetings but must attend
dress rehearsals and scrimmages in order to gain practice.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the structure and function of the judicial system.
2. Analyze legal cases and develop persuasive arguments based on evidence.
3. Master the rules of evidence and trial procedure.
4. Enhance oral advocacy skills through practice and feedback.
5. Develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in a legal context.
6. Cultivate professionalism and ethical conduct in the practice of law.

Modern Band
code: mus403

Grade Level: 9th-12th

Day/Time: Tuesday/12:30-2:00

Instructor: Kristi Lee

Contact Info:

Cost: $250/student/semester

          *this class may be taken for one semester or year-long

Books Needed:

One-time fee of $25 for class handouts 



CHC’s Modern Band is designed for high school students who exhibit an intermediate (or higher) proficiency in their instrument and/or have some instrumental ensemble experience. Students will continue to study the ins and outs of music theory and gain invaluable experience working together as a team to arrange songs, culminating in performances at CHC’s Christmas program in December and CHC’s End-of-Semester celebration in May!


*Even though the Instrumental Ensemble class is geared towards Middle School and the Modern Band class is geared towards High School, there is not a hard and fast age/grade rule since skill level is also a factor. If you have any questions about which class is the better fit for your child, please reach out to Kristi.

Music Appreciation
code: mus401

Grade Level: 7th-12th

Day/Time: Monday/10:40-12:00

Instructor: Kristi Lee

Contact Info:

Cost: $250/student/semester

          *this class can be taken for one semester or year-long

Books Needed: no textbook, $25 fee for handouts


Music through the ages has conveyed some of humankind’s most profound personal and cultural expression. Through the study of music’s basic elements and characteristics, discussion about its changes and development from the beginning of time to the present day, and a whole lot of listening to a wide variety of genres and styles from medieval chant to current jazz, this class brings a fresh approach to thinking about music and appreciating its many forms and styles. By engaging with key examples from classical, folk, and popular traditions from around the world, students will be grounded in the historical and cultural context of each work based on a Christian worldview and in the process gain a richer understanding of music, history, and culture - and ultimately an appreciation for the good gift of music. This class is designed to be engaging and discussion-based with hands-on class projects as opposed to a deluge of lectures. As an elective course, outside work will be minimal and mostly consist of choices and options based on students’ musical interests so they can explore and grow in what they enjoy.


Each semester will focus on different genres and works. While the year-long journey is helpful to get a full overview, this class may be taken for one semester as well.

Physical Science
code: sci401

Grade Level: 8th – 10th

Day/Time: Tuesday/8:45-10:30

Instructor: Kati Naef

Contact Info:

Cost: $650/year

Books Needed:

Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd edition with Student Notebook



This year-long creation-based course is designed to be the last science course the student takes before high school biology. It is generally recommended as an 8th-grade course, but students can use it for their 9th-grade coursework. The material and course work is rigorous in preparation for high school science.

The text covers atomic structure, periodic table, chemical bonds, reactions and energy, motion, forces, energy, waves and sound, light, electricity and magnetism, and Earth’s structure, weathering, and atmosphere. Each of the 15 modules will take approximately 2 weeks to complete.

Class time will be spent primarily in laboratory experimentation, but also will include discussion and explanation.

Students will be tested at home and will need an individual email to log into the online classroom for testing and assignment submissions.  Students should expect to spend 30-45 minutes per day on this subject at home.

Psychology from a Christian Worldview
code: psy501

Grade: 9th -12th  

Day/Time: Monday/ 12:30-2:00

Instructor: Rob Moser, M.Ed., LCMHC

Contact Info: 

Cost: $500 per student for a full-year course

Textbook: Psychology: A Christian Perspective (2015) by Tim Rice (all workbooks/worksheets will be provided by the teacher)

ISBN-10: 0981558720

ISBN-13: ‎978-0981558721

Amazon link for textbook.:

Author’s link for textbook


Psychology has the Greek root word “psyche” which is most often translated as soul. So in essence, Psychology is the study of the soul (or mind).  In modern terms, it is an attempt to understand the wonder, complexity, and problems of human thought, behavior, and interaction through scientific means. Seeking to understand God’s created order in biology, chemistry, and the physical sciences is widely accepted in Christian circles; however, Psychology, because of its modern secular domination and influence, has, in many cases, been poorly wielded, mishandled, or altogether dismissed by the church.  This secular influence has led many Christians to become discouraged with psychology and “throw the baby out with the bathwater” so to speak.  

My hope in this course is to introduce students to the study of psychology and how it can be integrated with Christian theology and spirituality.  We will be looking at it as a scientific discipline in search of truth as revealed in God’s created order and as defined by his authoritative Word.  The student will be taught the core concepts and definitions of psychology and the scientific evidence that supports them while learning to integrate these concepts into our ever-refining Christian worldview. They will also be taught to think humbly, respectfully, and critically about the nature of interpretation (epistemology) of both psychology and theology which undergirds all of our studies. 

The goals of this course are that students will 1) acquire a basic understanding of how the brain and mind function, 2) develop a solid Christian integrated foundation for college-level psychology (which is predominantly secularized), and 3) be sharpened in their Christian worldview to integrate Psychology (and it’s growing body of scientific evidence) into their discipleship as followers of Jesus Christ. 


code: sd401

Grade Level: 6th through 12th (must be 12 by October 2024)

Day/Time: Thursday/10:40-12:00

Instructor: Laura Hao

Contact Information:

Cost: $450/year. Also plan on about $20 dollars for printing and materials, a $95 STOA membership per family to participate in a tournament and tournament fees which vary by location. ($100-$200)

Materials Needed: Please purchase 2 yellow legal pads, a three ring binder, and a small expanding file folder.



Whether your child is a reluctant public speaker or a passionate communicator, this is the class for them. Partnering with STOA, a Christian Speech and Debate league for Christian homeschooling families, I will be aligning this class with STOA’s main objective: To develop world-class communicators who speak boldly and change the world for Christ. My heart is to see young people develop confidence to effectively communicate in whatever endeavor God calls them to. I also hope to have lots of fun in the process. I encourage every student to participate in at least one nearby STOA tournament in the school year. My very reluctant son fell in love with debate through his first tournament. 


Throughout the year we will be alternating learning and practice between speech and debate. STOA offers a wide variety of speech events from dramatic monologues, informative presentations, persuasive arguments, apologetic reasonings, and much more. I will be encouraging students to try multiple kinds of public speaking from self written, impromptu, and literature-based speeches. The other component of the class will focus on learning about government policy through debate. Each year STOA picks a topic that will guide debate through the year. This year’s topic was energy policy, but this summer STOA will announce a new topic. We will learn about the topic as a class and practice articulating, flowing, and refuting arguments related to government policy surrounding the issue. Pre-crafted arguments are available to make this very doable for students. By the end of the year every student will have a better grasp on a wide variety of public speaking and even understand a new field of government policy. More importantly I hope that students discover an increased confidence in Christ as they challenge themselves to grow as communicators.

Spanish 1
code: fl503

Grade level: 9th-12th

Day/Time: Thursday/9:00-10:30

Instructor: Shanna Noel

Contact Info:

Cost: $600/student/year

Books Needed: 

Abeka Spanish 1-New

Spanish/English Dictionary 


Did you know that Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the United States? It also ranks as one of the top three languages spoken in the world. As students begin to study Spanish, they will gain insight into the culture and language of our diverse global community. In this year-long Spanish 1 course, students will learn to appreciate God's gift of language. Students will build a foundation in reading, writing, listening, and speaking Spanish through a variety of activities both in class and at home. They will develop basic grammatical skills and the vocabulary to express themselves in simple sentences and phrases. Students will become familiar with Spanish-speaking countries, culture, and geography. Students will be expected to study vocabulary, practice grammatical concepts, memorize passages from the Bible and occasionally prepare presentations to share in class. Upon completion of this course, students will be prepared to continue with Spanish 2, which will provide a solid foundation for introductory college-level Spanish courses.

Spanish 2

Grade level: 9th-12th

Day/Time: Thursday/ 10:40-12:00

Instructor: Shanna Noel

Contact Info:

Cost: $600/student/year

Books Needed:  Abeka Spanish 1 (this is the same book we used with Spanish 1 and it will be used as a supplement)


In this year-long Spanish 2 course, students will continue their journey of appreciating God's gift of language. Students will build upon concepts studied in Spanish 1 and will complete a variety of activities to strengthen reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in the target language both at home and in class. They will develop grammatical skills such as using reflexive verbs, indirect and direct objects, the preterits, and imperfect tenses. Students will also continue their study of native Spanish-speaking cultures. Students will be expected to study vocabulary, practice grammatical concepts, memorize passages from the Bible, and occasionally prepare presentations to share in class. Upon completion of this course, students will have met the foreign language requirement for most major universities in the United States. Students will have a solid foundation for introductory college-level Spanish. 


Study Hall

Grade Level: 6th-10th

Day/Time: Monday/9:00-10:30, 10:40-12:00, 12:30-2:00

Tuesday/9:00-10:30, 10:40-12:00, 12:30-2:00

Thursday/9:00-10:30, 10:40-12:00, 12:30-2:00

Overseer: TBD

Cost: $100/student/semester for one Study Hall

$200/student/semester for two Study Halls

$300/student/semester for three Study Halls


Study Hall will be provided for students waiting for a class or for siblings who are in class. This is an opportunity for students to work quietly under the oversight of an adult.

Computer use during this time is up to the discretion of CHC as the need arises.

CODE: his501

Grade Level: 8th-12th, *8th grade prerequisite – must have taken a middle school history class at CHC and be prepared for high school work. 

Day/Time: Tuesday/12:30-2:00

Instructor: Elizabeth Burk

Contact Info:, 901-262-9064 (not 910)

Cost: $600

Books Needed: 

BJU Press United States History 5th Edition, text only (may be able to order in bulk for a discount)

REA United States CLEP II book (Optional)


This year long high school history course takes the student from the European discovery of America and first contact with those native to this land all the way to the inauguration of Donald Trump. This course marks pivotal historical events that have forever left a mark on the United States and its citizens.

Each week students will be challenged to discuss these events and the residual impact on society.

The goal is to learn from the past, preserve the good and effect change in the future. Text work done at home will facilitate discussion in class to be sure the students are thoroughly grasping the content and able to use and apply that to life.

Knowledge with application begets wisdom.

We will reinforce dates and facts that will be helpful for students who would choose to take the US History II CLEP.

There will be essays, oral and written, plus a research paper during the year. This is beneficial to all students, but especially those planning for college. Tests will be emailed to parents and taken at home to return for grading. This preserves class time for discussion and review. This course counts as one full credit and can be counted as an Honors course if all writing and research assignments and CLEP prep are completed.

Study hall
Code: sh401

Grade Level: 6th-12th

Day/Time:   Monday/9:00-10:30, 10:40-12:00, 12:30-2:00

Tuesday/9:00-10:30, 10:40-12:00, 12:30-2:00

Thursday/9:00-10:30, 10:40-12:00, 12:30-2:00

Overseer: TBD

Cost: $100/student/semester for one Study Halls

$200/student/semester for two Study Halls

$300/student/semester for three Study Halls


Study Hall will be provided only for the following reasons:

A student who is in a first and third period class and needs Study Hall second period.

A student who is waiting after class for a sibling or another student for carpooling purposes.

This is an opportunity for students to work quietly under the oversight of an adult.

Computer use during this time is up to the discretion of CHC as the need arises.

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